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Disciplinary Self-Help Litigation Manual

Articles by Edward Lyon

Modern Forensics Findings Not Always 100 Percent Reliable

by Ed Lyon 

An extremely important and informative study concerning forensic comparison matches sponsored by The Royal Statistical Society was recently published. It represented cooperative efforts by attorney Dana M. Belger of the Innocence Project’s Strategic Litigation Unit, statisticians Bill Eddy and Robin Mejia of Carnegie Mellon University, and ...

Ohio Mayor’s Courts Are Huge Sources of Unjust Revenues

by Ed Lyon

U.S. jurisprudence generally strives to avoid conflicting interests and even the appearance of impropriety. This practice apparently does not apply to the system of mayor’s courts in Ohio. Reminiscent of ancient Star Chamber of England, Ohio mayor’s court proceedings have no court reporters or even recorders ...

Violence in the House: Studies Find Cops’ Families Live Dangerous Lives

by Ed Lyon

More and more instances of abuse, torture, and murders of civilians by police are coming to light. These acts of domestic terror by the very homefront warriors who are sworn to protect and serve the domestic population are now being outed, condemned, and losing their jobs. Some ...

Legal limitations constrain Texas death penalty case

by Ed Lyon

Shortly after Adolph Hitler’s election as Germany’s chancellor; on the night of February 27, 1933; the Reichstag in Berlin, Germany, was allegedly burned by an arsonist. The next day, Hitler persuaded President Paul von Hindenburg to sign a lawful decree called “For the Protection of the People ...

Some Texas Judges Not Complying with State Law on Misdemeanor Cases

by Ed Lyon

Since 2010, Texas has been able to reduce the size of its prison system from an all-time high of 127 units to its current 104 units. A major factor contributing to this reduction is the use of diversionary programs for non-violent and drug offenders as mandated by ...

Criticizing Cops is a Criminal Act in Many States

by Ed Lyon

Most people are aware that slander and libel are civil torts for which they may be sued. In 1964, the U.S. Supreme Court set the standard of proof to be “actual malice” to prevail in civil libel cases. 

Many states also have laws criminalizing the ...

The Many Pitfalls Associated With Police Lineups

by Ed Lyon 

Anyone who has ever watched a police drama on television is acquainted with the way suspect lineups are supposed to be conducted. The key words here are “supposed to be conducted.”

While many agencies probably conduct lineups properly, the system is subject to manipulation and unfairness ...

McDNA: The DNA Testing Equivalent to Fast Food

by Ed Lyon 

In the late 1960s, Dr. Leonard McCoy of the science fiction television series Star Trek could wave a small device over a patient to find out all he needed to know about them. A similar device now exists in this 21st-century science reality world that ...

Intoxicated Driving Convictions for Non-Drinking Drivers

by Ed Lyon

The human body is an incredible machine. It heals itself from many injuries and illnesses. It turns food into calories that help build muscles and store fat for lean times. In some cases, a person’s body may even metabolize certain yeasts, sugars, and carbohydrates into alcohol, actual ...

Appointed Defense Lawyers, Public Defenders: Overworked, Underpaid, Ineffective

by Ed Lyon 

The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution requires that all criminal defendants have a lawyer’s assistance to prepare and present a defense against whatever crime a prosecutor is accusing him or her of committing, as a matter of right. If a defendant cannot afford to hire ...



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