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Articles by Edward Lyon

Hundreds of Cop Shootings Yearly in Arizona

by Ed Lyon

Arizona is known for the antics of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. A hard-liner on crime, Arpaio was constantly harsh on prisoners, often to an unconstitutional extent. An alarming, statistically backed report compiled by the Arizona Republic newspaper covering 2011 to 2018 shows that state to ...

Asset Forfeiture Not So Helpful to Crime-Fighting

by Ed Lyon

The two supreme governmental systems in the U.S. are the overall federal government and the lesser, yet still quite powerful 50 state governments. The federal Constitution and its amendments delineate certain powers exclusive to the federal government while limiting some of its powers and ceding all other ...

Unlike Emoticons, Human Emotions Are Difficult to Interpret

by Ed Lyon

Humans communicate in many ways. Although speech is our primary mode, many non-verbal cues assist in getting one’s message across. Folded arms, crossing then uncrossing one’s legs, yawns, and eye rolling all augment verbal speech. A recent push to scientifically read and interpret peoples’ emotional states has ...

The Two-Edged Sword of DNA Exonerates Another Prisoner

by Ed Lyon

In 1996, 20-year-old Idaho Falls, Idaho, citizen Christopher Tapp was convicted of raping and murdering 18-year-old Angie Dodge. Tapp did not finish high school, so he was no match for educated cops who relentlessly interrogated him nine times over three-and-a-half weeks for a total of 25 hours. ...

Free Speech Is Sometimes Expensive

by Ed Lyon

Jon Goldsmith of Montgomery County, Iowa, attended a summer festival last year in adjoining Adams County. He witnessed police misconduct there so outrageous he felt he had to make the public aware of it. Unfortunately for him, the police did not agree with his colorful expressions on ...

New York City Cops Can Always Tell by Just the Smell

by Ed Lyon

As far as marijuana is concerned, the New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) has little need for a canine corps. The city’s two-legged, blue-clad human-type cops seem to have the best olfactory sense in the world for detecting “the odor of marijuana.” At least, that is what ...

Law Crazy, Government’s Insatiable Desire to Criminalize All Facets of Life

by Ed Lyon 

As societal standards continue to evolve, devolve, and change for better or worse, legislatures continue to enact laws to prohibit illegal acts and protect people. New technology always opens opportunities for improvement, as well as attendant avenues for less-than-stellar individuals to take advantage of law-abiding citizens. ...

Big Brother, Big Business, Big Law Enforcement

by Ed Lyon 

The word ring has traditionally been used as a verb to describe what a bell does, whether it is mounted on a steeple or on the wall inside a residence. A product innovation by Amazon converts it to a trade name: Ring™. 

The home security ...

Ex-Felons’ Rights Expanding to Include Jury Duty

by Ed Lyon

At present, it is believed that close to 20 million U.S. citizens are convicted felons. One of the many rights these citizens lost at conviction was jury service in federal courts. Twenty-seven states prohibit exes from jury service. Meanwhile, there are 22 states that do allow ex-felons ...

Safe Interactions Between Police and Citizens

by Ed Lyon 

Human nature being what it is, since the need for an organized law enforcement body arose, police have generally been a necessary evil.

Judging from the seemingly countless articles detailing officer misconduct in Prison Legal News and Criminal Legal News, police seem to be ...



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