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Articles by Dale Chappell

Tenth Circuit Joins Other Circuits, Holds § 1B1.13 Does Not Apply to Compassionate Release Motions Filed by Prisoners

Cops Increasingly Use Amazon Ring to Target Protestors

$1.4 Million for Nevada Man Wrongly Imprisoned Over 20 Years

Eleventh Circuit: Lawyer’s Purposeful Late Filing of Habeas Petition Grounds for Equitable Tolling

Fourth Circuit Finally Holds Davis Retroactive

In a case that numerous federal habeas petitioners have been awaiting, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit held on February 23, 2021, that the decision in United States v. Davis, 139 S. Ct. 2319 (2019), is a qualifying retroactive U.S. Supreme Court decision ...

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Speculation Insufficient to Trigger ‘Forfeiture by Wrongdoing’ Exception to Confrontation Clause

Seventh Circuit: Federal Habeas Relief for State Prisoner Due to Counsel’s Failure to Raise No-Causation Defense

The case ...

Eighth Circuit Vacates Habeas Denial, Remands to Determine Whether ‘Martinez Exception’ Excused Procedural Default by State Prisoner

Federal Habeas Corpus: Filing Procedures

In ...

D.C. Circuit Highlights Racial Disparity Concerns With First Step Act After District Court Erroneously Denies Relief



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