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Articles by Dale Chappell

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Speculation Insufficient to Trigger ‘Forfeiture by Wrongdoing’ Exception to Confrontation Clause

Eighth Circuit Vacates Habeas Denial, Remands to Determine Whether ‘Martinez Exception’ Excused Procedural Default by State Prisoner

Seventh Circuit: Federal Habeas Relief for State Prisoner Due to Counsel’s Failure to Raise No-Causation Defense

The case ...

Federal Habeas Corpus: Filing Procedures

In ...

D.C. Circuit Highlights Racial Disparity Concerns With First Step Act After District Court Erroneously Denies Relief

Seventh Circuit: District Court Retains Jurisdiction When Habeas Petitioner Moves to Prison Outside of District

Fourth Circuit: Employment Restriction for Supervised Release Overbroad and Impermissible Delegation of Power to Probation

Ninth Circuit: State’s Forced Medication Order Was Properly Challenged Under Federal Habeas Corpus

Massachusetts Worst in Nation for Civil Forfeiture Laws

by Dale Chappell

The Institute for Justice announced in its latest Policy for Profit report that Massachusetts was the only state in the country to earn an “F” because of its unfair civil forfeiture laws. One reason is that the state doesn’t have a time limit for when it must ...

Ohio Supreme Court: Retroactive Application of Sexually Violent Predator Law Violates Ex Post Facto Clause

In 2017, Albert Townsend was indicted on numerous ...



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The Habeas Citebook: Prosecutorial Misconduct Side