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Articles by Dale Chappell

California Court of Appeal: Lack of Notice of Filing Deadline Due Process Violation, Allowing Late Challenge to Erroneous Parole Designation

The error occurred when Bryant Ruiz was released from prison and the California Department of Corrections and ...

Massachusetts Supreme Court Announces ‘Habitual Offender’ Statute Allows for Sentence of Probation Only

Column: Raising Successful Federal Habeas Corpus Claims

Seventh Circuit Joins Other Circuits Holding Any Crack Cocaine Offense Under § 841 Qualifies for First Step Act Relief

Voters Speak: Dump Tough-On-Crime Prosecutors, Boost Police Oversight

by Dale Chappell

Voters across the nation let their votes speak loud and clear on what they wanted this past Election Day: More reform-minded prosecutors and more oversight and accountability of the police.

In Los Angeles County, George Gascon beat Jackie Lacey for district attorney, after Lacey was criticized by ...

Ohio Supreme Court: ‘Avoid Impregnating a Woman’ as Probation Condition for Failing to Pay Child Support Unreasonable

It was undisputed that London Chapman fathered 11 children ...

Second Circuit Clarifies What Constitutes ‘Possession of a Dangerous Weapon’ and ‘Physical Restraint’ Under the Guidelines

The two issues ...

First Circuit Joins Sister Circuits Holding Hobbs Act Robbery Conspiracy not Crime of Violence for 924(c)

First Circuit: Rehaif Error Rendered Guilty Plea Invalid

Fifth Circuit Vacates Sentence Eight Times Higher Than Guidelines Range That Was Imposed Without Explanation



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