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Articles by Dale Chappell

Federal Habeas Corpus: Retroactivity of New Rules

I remember the first time I heard a lawyer say that a new Supreme Court decision wasn’t a ...

Colorado Supreme Court: Dividing Multiple Images of Child Pornography Into Multiple Batches to Charge Multiple Counts Violates Double Jeopardy

The case came ...

Fired San Francisco Cop Charged With Manslaughter for Fatally Shooting Unarmed Suspect

The incident happened when SFPD officer Christopher Samayoa was riding with his ...

California Supreme Court Vacates Murder Conviction, Finds IAC for Failure to Obtain Expert Testimony on Time of Death

In 2005, Kimberly Long was convicted of second-degree murder ...

Sixth Circuit Vacates Sentence Because Government Failed to Prove Sentencing Enhancements Apply

Eighth Circuit Announces ‘Use of Minor’ Enhancement Inapplicable for Merely Buying Firearm From Minor

Eleventh Circuit Announces Drug Offenses Involving Multiple Drugs Can Qualify as ‘Covered Offense’ Under First Step Act if Crack One of the Drugs

It ...

Eleventh Circuit: District Court ‘Mischaracterizing’ Habeas Claim Left Claim Unresolved in Violation of Clisby, Requiring Remand

SCOTUS Vacates Grant of Habeas Relief, Citing Habeas ‘Deference’ to State Court Decisions

Ninth Circuit: Rehaif Error Requires Automatic Dismissal of Indictment

The case came before the Court after Omar Qazi was charged ...



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