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Articles by Dale Chappell

Third Circuit: IAC Where Counsel Failed to Object to Accomplice-Liability Jury Instruction in Murder Case That Relieved State of Proving Specific Intent

Eighth Circuit Affirms Habeas Relief, Finds Arkansas Supreme Court Wrongly Denied Defendant’s Self-Representation Request

Elliott Finch repeatedly told the state trial court that he wanted ...

Louisiana Supreme Court Vacates Murder Conviction for Speedy Trial Violation

After Nicholas Revish was convicted of second-degree murder and attempted murder ...

LAPD Finally Admits to Using Controversial Facial Recognition Software, After Denying it for 10 Years

by Dale Chappell

The Los Angeles Police Department (“LAPD”) denied for over a decade that it used facial recognition software. It even boldly said it never used facial recognition when responding to public records requests for data on facial recognition use. “We actually do not use facial recognition in the ...

Makers of DNA Analytic STRmix Announce New Enhancement Allowing Better, Faster DNA Searches

by Dale Chappell

Makers of the ground-breaking DNA analyzing program STRmix have announced an addition to that program that will allow more robust DNA searches and analysis in criminal cases.

It’s called DBLR (database likelihood ratios), and it’s used in conjunction with STRmix to calculate millions of DNA comparisons in ...

Tenth Circuit: District Court’s Failure to Justify Special Condition Was Plain Error

Ninth Circuit Reiterates Presumption of Innocence Remains Until Conviction, Grants Habeas Relief

The case began in a California superior court in 2012, where Keith Ford stood trial for the ...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: No Probable Cause to Search Cellphones Merely Possessed in Proximity to Drugs and Guns

This case of first impression came ...

Third Circuit: No Categorical Ban on Reliability of Recantations as New Evidence

Sixth Circuit: Savings Clause Available for Retroactive Case of Statutory Interpretation Decided While § 2255 Motion on Appeal



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