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Articles by David Reutter

Proof of Law Enforcement Duty Is Primary Job to Establish Peace Officer Status

by David Reutter

The California Supreme Court reversed a conviction of misdemeanor battery upon a peace officer because the prosecution failed to prove harbor officers’ primary duty was law enforcement.

Bryan Pennington was not authorized to enter the Santa Barbara Marina. The manager witnessed his unauthorized entry and called the ...

U.S. Court of Appeals for D.C. Circuit Holds Waiver of FOIA Rights in Plea Agreement Unenforceable

by David Reutter

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit held that a Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) waiver as part of a plea agreement is unenforceable on public policy grounds. The Court emphasized it was not holding that FOIA waivers in plea agreements are always unenforceable, but ...

$1.1 Million False Arrest Award Affirmed

by David Reutter

A federal jury’s $1.1 million awardin a false arrest claim was affirmed by the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

This case stemmed from the arrest of Richard Wesley, a counselor and intervention specialist at Sixth District Elementary School in Covington, Kentucky. Wesley was informed on February ...



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