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Articles by Douglas Ankney

California Supreme Court Announces Conditioning Pretrial Release on Ability to Afford Bail Unconstitutional

Kenneth Humphrey, 66, was accused of robbing his 79-year-old neighbor of seven dollars and a bottle of cologne. The trial court initially set bail at $600,000. Humphrey petitioned for ...

Ohio Supreme Court: Touching ‘Fog Line’ Doesn’t Justify Traffic Stop

Sixth Circuit Follows Trend of Reigning in Commentary’s Impermissible Expansion of Sentencing Guidelines

Former postal employee Jennifer Riccardi ...

Nevada Supreme Court Announces Felon’s Possession of Multiple Firearms at One Time and Place Is Only Single Violation of State Statute

Seventh Circuit Vacates Sentence Where District Court Improperly Imposed Leadership Enhancement

Police stopped the vehicle in which McGee, Wayne Frazier, and Terry Glaspie ...

Seventh Circuit Exercises Supervisory Powers in Reversing District Court’s Judgment Revoking Supervised Release

In March 2019, Jordan began three years of supervised release imposed upon ...

Iowa Supreme Court Announces Brady Standard Applies to Motion for New Trial Based on Withheld Exculpatory Medical Records

Prior ...

Michigan State Police Reverse on Use of Messaging App That Can Evade FOIA Requests

Wyoming Supreme Court: District Court Abused Discretion by Granting State’s Dismissal of Charges Without Prejudice and Refiling to Gain Tactical Advantage, Remands for Dismissal With Prejudice

New Jersey Appellate Court Holds Defendant Entitled to Source Code of Novel Probabilistic Genotyping Software Upon Showing of Particularized Need



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