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Articles by Douglas Ankney

Wyoming Supreme Court: District Court Abused Discretion by Granting State’s Dismissal of Charges Without Prejudice and Refiling to Gain Tactical Advantage, Remands for Dismissal With Prejudice

New Jersey Appellate Court Holds Defendant Entitled to Source Code of Novel Probabilistic Genotyping Software Upon Showing of Particularized Need

California Court of Appeal: Prisoners Are Not Required to Serve ‘Thompson Terms’ After Grant of Parole Under Elderly Parole Program

New York Court of Appeals Rejects Federal Jurisprudence Allowing Searches of Vehicles Based on Warrants Authorizing Searches of ‘Premises’

As the result of their investigation of Tyrone Gordon, police sought a search warrant. In their warrant application, the officers swore that: ...

Fifth Circuit: Anonymous Tip Didn’t Provide Reasonable Suspicion to Conduct Investigatory Stop

Investigator ...

Ohio Supreme Court: Imposing Two Punishments for One Quantity of Mixture of Heroin and Fentanyl Violates Double Jeopardy

Officers executed a search warrant of Kenny Pendleton’s residence and seized, inter alia, three bags that contained mixtures of heroin and fentanyl with a combined weight of 133.62 ...

All Bark but No Bite

Developmentally Challenged Man on Registry to Get New Hearing

by Douglas Ankney

The Illinois Prison Review Board has agreed to review Adam Nesteikis’ case.

Adam, 34, needs more attention than most men his age. He must be reminded to brush his teeth and to shave. He was 16 before he stopped wetting the bed. Participating in the Special Olympics ...

Seventh Circuit Affirms Vacatur of Death Sentence Based on Newly Discovered Evidence of Defendant’s Intellectual Disability

In 1998, the U. ...

Seventh Circuit: Indiana’s Sex Offender Registration Act’s ‘Other Jurisdiction Requirement’ Unconstitutional Violation of Right to Travel



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