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Articles by Douglas Ankney

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Clarifies Standard for Admission of Evidence of Third Party Guilt

Officer Jeffrey Ference ...

Sixth Circuit: First Step Act Amendments to § 924(c) Inapplicable to Defendant Sentenced Before Act’s Effective Date Even When Sentence Later Vacated

Ninth Circuit: Oregon’s UUW Statute Improperly Assimilated Under Federal Assimilative Crimes Act

Do was a passenger ...

"Arizona Supreme Court Announces ‘Reasonable Possibility’ Standard in Balancing Right to Present Complete Defense Against Victim’s Refusal to Disclose Privileged Medical Records"

D.C. Circuit: Counsel’s Failure to Object to District Court’s Reliance Upon Wrong Sentencing Guideline Constitutes Ineffective Assistance

Rashaun Parks pleaded ...

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Single Conviction for Non-Enumerated Crime of Violence Does Not Qualify as History of Violent Behavior Under RRRI Act

Deliberately Convicting the Innocent: Exonerations Expose the Criminal Justice System’s Callous Indifference Toward Official Misconduct

Decades later, Morton’s attorneys would discover that district attorney Ken Anderson ...

Texas Court of Criminal Appeals: Warrantless Arrest Designed to Elicit a Confession Constitutes Flagrant Misconduct Requiring Suppression of Confession

North Carolina Governor Announces Formation of Juvenile Sentence Review Board

California Court of Appeal: § 3051’s Exclusion of One Strike Offenders from Youthful Offender Parole Hearings Violates Equal Protection

Woods was convicted by a jury of numerous offenses, including forcible rape. ...



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