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Articles by Kevin Bliss

News Probe: California Drug Deputies Target Latino Motorists

by Ed Lyon

Throughout the United States, the federal government’s law enforcement agencies team up with local law enforcement agencies to form various task forces to monitor high-intensity drug trafficking routes. One such avenue is a stretch of highway in southern California called the 5 Freeway.

The Los Angeles portion ...

Records Reveal Culture of Disregard Toward Use of Force in Ohio Police Department

by Kevin Bliss

More than 20,000 use-of-force complaints were filed by civilians against police in the Columbus Police Department between 2001 and 2017, but only 152 were sustained or found in violation of department policy. Of the civilian complaints filed, more than 97 percent were ruled to be unfounded. More ...

Pennsylvania Police Use Hate Crime Law Against People Who Verbally Abuse Them, Dramatically Increasing Potential Jail Time

by Kevin Bliss

Catherine Roper, deputy legal director of the Pennsylvania ACLU, wrote in her blog of the recent arrests and charges of hate crimes against citizens because they used inappropriate speech to the police while being arrested or simply submitting a police report.

Roper reviewed the affidavits of probable ...

$28.1 Million Jury Verdict for Wrongful Convictions Upheld by 8th Circuit

by Kevin Bliss

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit affirmed a jury’s verdict that awarded six wrongfully convicted individuals approximately $28.1 million in connection with their 42 U.S.C. § 1983 claims and parallel conspiracy claims under 42 U.S.C. § 1985 against Gage County, Nebraska; Deputy Wayne Price; ...



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