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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Police Unions Buy Their Way Out of Reform

Federal contributions during the same period have totaled $47.3 million.

The Guardian asserts unions and police use spending as a tool to defeat reform measures. They strategically target and donate to key politicians who show a history of being against reform policies and enhancing police accountability. This type of spending has dramatically increased in the last 10 years, explaining why most reform bills have been defeated even in the face of all the high-profile police shootings.

Director of Stop LAPD Spying Hamid Khan said, “The power of their money runs very deep.” Government entities “have become rubber-stamp bodies in which police power is never challenged.”

Los Angeles unions alone have spent $64.8 million on campaign contributions to block reform. The Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association stated in a letter to its 8,000 members that they need donations of at least $2 million more to be used in establishing “collaborative ...

Smart Devices Tapped Into by Police During Investigations

by Kevin Bliss

Wired magazine reported earlier this year that police requests for smart-speaker user data from Amazon was up 24% from last year, 72% from the first time Amazon disclosed this information in 2016.

Police have requested 3,000 recordings from smart speakers monitored by Amazon this year. The company ...

Police tactical intervention a deadly risk on roads

by Kevin Bliss

A police tactical driving maneuver used at high speed has been responsible for killing 30 people and injuring hundreds of others since 2016, a Washington Post investigation reveals. PIT (precision immobilization technique), which involves a patrol car forcing a suspect's fleeing vehicle into a “controlled” spin after ...

Police Use Noise as a Weapon for ‘Crowd Control’

by Kevin Bliss

Police are using harmful military-grade noise weapons in crowd control during protests. These items, flashbangs, and long-range acoustic devices (LRADs) can produce sounds of over 170 decibels, damaging vulnerable parts of the inner ear which affect other body functions such as balance and feelings of nausea.

Luna ...

Floyd’s Family Might End Up Helping Pay Chauvin’s Retirement Benefits

Derek Chauvin could still receive about $50,000 a year in pension partly funded by taxpayers like George Floyd’s surviving family, even if he’s convicted of second-degree murder.

Moreover, qualified immunity would most likely prevent Floyd’s family from successfully suing him.

Chauvin was the police officer in Minneapolis, ...

Nationwide Police Misconduct Database Available to Public

Report: Attorney Appointment a ‘Pay For Play’ Arrangement in Texas County

In the 1960s, ...

Florida Exonerates One Prisoner for Every Three Executed

by Kevin Bliss

Studies show that Florida has one of the highest execution rates in the United States. It also has the highest number of exonerations of death-row prisoners than any other state. With one conviction overturned on death row for every three prisoners executed, civil liberty proponents say the ...

New Method to Determine Time of Death for Forensic Investigators

Current ...

$8 Million Settlement for Wrongfully Convicted and Imprisoned Missouri Man

Represented by Jonathan Potts, Robinson filed suit against the city of ...



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