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Articles by Kevin Bliss

Police Do Not Want to Pay for Damage They Inflicted to Texas Home

by Kevin Bliss

Wesley Little had an hours-long standoff with McKinney, Texas, police in Vicki Baker’s home after running off with a 15-year-old girl. Baker was not home at the time, and the 15-year-old got out safely. But Little committed suicide as the police stormed the house. Total damage to ...

America Ranked 17th in Human Freedoms

by Kevin Bliss


Personal freedom on the planet has been on the decline since at least 2008. The Cato Institute in the U.S. and Canada’s Fraser Institute place New Zealand at the top, while the U.S. and the United Kingdom tie at 17th in the latest rankings announced ...

Decision Not to Prosecute May Reduce Chance of Recidivism

Politics professor at New York University Anna Harvey, Rutgers University economist Amanda Agan, and Texas A&M economist Jennifer Doleac conducted a study January of 2019 intended to show that the decision not to pursue prosecution for low-level nonviolent misdemeanors actually worked as a deterrent to recidivism and ...

Prosecutors Call for Humane Sentencing Measures

Sixty-four current and former prosecutors, attorneys, law enforcement officers, and other judicial leaders from 26 states and the District of Columbia signed a group statement titled “Joint Statement on Sentencing Second Chances and Addressing Past Extreme Sentences” in April of this year. The statement calls for leaders ...

Blue Wall of Silence Inhibits Racial Integration in Police Departments

by Kevin Bliss

An article published May 25 by government watchdog organization VICE News stated that many police departments see a large number of Black police officers quitting. According to the report, Black police have a hard time coping with pressure from supervisors to crack down on low-level offenses and ...

Data: NYPD Still Using Chokeholds Despite Ban

ProPublica, a nonprofit newsroom, and THE CITY teamed up to investigate ...

Report: Police More Aggressive at Leftwing Rallies

Illinois Study: Crime Rate not Tied to Prison Population Levels

STAR Program Redirecting Mental Health Emergency Calls Away From Police a Success in Denver

Walter Forbes of Michigan Exonerated After 37 Years in Prison



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