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Articles by Kevin Bliss

California Law Enforcement Strikes Out in 2020 Elections

Historically, law enforcement unions have been a powerful lobbying force for certain political candidates and criminal justice bill proposals ...

Hip-Hop Police Bust Careers, Not Crime

Review Board Has No Power Over NYPD

by Kevin Bliss

The New York Police Department (“NYPD”) has consistently hindered police misconduct allegation investigations, withholding documentation and body-camera footage, as well as advising its police not to cooperate with interviews.

That’s according to an August 2020 article in ProPublica, a nonprofit news organization investigating abuses of power. ...

For-Profit Lexipol Takes Over Writing Departmental Policy for Public Safety

by Kevin Bliss

Lexipol, a privately owned company that drafts policies for over 8,100 police departments, fire, EMS, correctional services, and other public safety agencies nationwide is being criticized by reform activists as doing the bare minimum required by law to keep from being sued. They argue that the company ...

Thirty-Fourth Conviction Based on Bite Mark Forensics Overturned

by Kevin Bliss

Eddie Lee Howard, Jr. was the thirty-fourth prisoner whose case has been overturned because of the debunked pseudo-science of bite mark forensics. After 30 years in prison, the district attorney now has the choice whether to retry Howard or drop the charges.

Howard, a Black man, was ...

DOJ Report: Massachusetts Narcotics Bureau Relied on Excessive Use of Force

That’s according to a report by the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of ...

Government Treats Protesting Cities as Enemies of the State

On June 2, thousands of protestors took to the streets in major cities across the U.S. to call for an end ...

Policing and Racial Bias

Risk Assessment Tools Perpetuate Inherent Biases and Prejudices

Most states view Kentucky as the best example of utilization of RA ...

Minneapolis: Use of Force Against Blacks 7 Times Higher Than That for Whites



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