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For $10 Billion, New Yorkers Get a Police Package Deal That Includes Corrupt Career Officers and Almost 1,000 Criminal Cases Tossed

by Douglas Ankney

In August of 2022, a Bronx district attorney dismissed 133 cases linked to disgraced former NYPD Narcotics Detective Joseph Franco. Franco, a 20-year-veteran of the NYPD, was hit with 26 criminal charges in 2019, resulting in the dismissal of 90 cases. As the corruption continued to ooze to the surface, in 2021, another 60 cases were dismissed. As of September 2022, more than 500 of Franco’s cases have been tossed.

But the cancer within the NYPD continues to spread. District Attorney Eric Gonzalez presented another 378 cases to a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, asking for their dismissal based on evidence that the police officers who testified were not trustworthy. Gonzalez said, “These former police officers were found to have committed serious misconduct that directly relates to their official job duties, calling into question the integrity of every arrest they have made.” The cases were linked to 13 officers convicted of criminal acts that included planting drugs, taking bribes, perjury, and even murder. One hundred thirty-one of the cases were linked to just one corrupt narcotics unit, while another 78 of the dismissed cases came from two narcotics officers who admitted to accepting sexual favors as bribes.

New York City’s taxpayers fork over $10 billion annually to the NYPD. And now they get the added bonus of shelling out millions more to settle claims of false arrest and illegal prosecution.


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