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New Robotic Cops Patrolling in NYC

by Jordan Arizmendi

Move over Terminator, the newest crop of law enforcement agents are New York City’s futuristic robots that have been given the beat of Times Square as well as the city subways.

This is not the first time that NYPD has allowed robots to perform gritty police work. In 2021, the Boston Dynamic DigiDog, galloped around the city on its four metallic legs in pursuit of criminal violations. However, back then, the DigiDog really creeped out a lot of New Yorkers, so the robotic canines were suspended from duty.

The latest robotic cops on the beat are the K5 Autonomous Security Robot that is built by Knightscope. This egg-shaped robot, nicknamed “SnitchBOT” is packed with a dozen microphones, a 360-degree camera, and a license-plate reader.

Anyone brazen enough to defile, destroy, or damage the robots will be charged with assaulting an officer. The technology comes at a hefty price – “SnitchBOT” costs $12,250 for a seven-month rental. The money will be paid with NYPD forfeiture funds.

Those that may be nervous about machine’s destruction of man will breathe a sigh of relief once they learn that these new additions to the NYPD do not carry weapons. Their sole responsibility is to record their surroundings and then send these recordings to “real” police officers. They truly earned their “SnitchBOT” street name.




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