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NYPD Hands Out Business Cards So Suspects Can Rate Their Encounter with Cops

“How’m I doing?” The old saying of former New York Mayor Ed Koch just became the motto of the New York Police Department (“NYPD”).

Now getting questioned by an NYPD officer includes a business card directing the person to a website where one can rate his or her encounter with the NYPD.

The cards, which will eventually be provided to all 36,000 NYPD officers, gives the officer’s name, rank, and badge number and will be handed to any person who is the subject of “law enforcement activity” that does not end in an arrest or summons.

There also is a website about the card, where one can file a Freedom of Information Law request to obtain the body camera footage of the encounter.

Not all are happy about the PR stunt. “Who’s paying for this?” asked a police source. The cost to taxpayers for the first year will be $6 million.

Another concern was about handing an officer’s personal information to potentially harmful people. “You have gang members out there,” said the source. “You shouldn’t be making it easier for perpetrators to track down cops.”

The program is part of the city’s Right to Know Act, which was enacted in December as a reaction to complaints about stop-and-frisk searches by the NYPD. 


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